A cosmopolitan island, the much frequented “hangout” of the popularities of the global jet set, hospitable to welcome the super-yachts, a fashion aisle of the fashion life, the DJs’ joy, the windy island with a round-the-clock frantic entertainment, the much talked pelican-star, the windmills, little Venice, the cobbled roads, the Luxury, the market elegance, the hotel and restaurant one as well its architecture, climate, the getting together of the blue and the white colours; these are all what make it a magical island! The island of the company, the family, the lonely, the famous, the unfamous, the island of the entire universe! Mykonos is in the Aegean Sea and it belongs to Kyklades. It constitutes a united island complex together with Delos, Rinia and some rock islets. These locations, together with Mykonos already being dwelled since the 5th millennium BC (the prehistorical settlement of Ftelia) have shared a long and rich enough history. The winds (north, northerneast in July and August) make the heat more tolerable, keeping the island cool and that is exactly why Mykonos is also called “the island of the winds”. The capital of the island is Chora, which impresses and fascinates the visitor right from the start, thanks to its privileged location and its architecture. In its most commercial street, Matoyanni, one can see endless shops with eponymous brands, elaborated jewellery and objects of art.

One of the most picturesque corners of the world is Alefkandra or “the small Venice”, the most photographed and the most charming place in Mykonos (an 18th century district, dominated by big mansions of old captains with colourful balconies and elegant windows looking on to the sea, thus being referred to as the famous Italian Venice. In Little Venice, you can relish one of the nicest sunsets of the Aegean, drinking your cocktail or a juice of fresh fruits in any of its warm bars.

There, near Little Venice, your eye can catch the 6 windmills. Do not be late for your date with Peter, the pelican. He is also a part of the island’s culture. You will see him stroll care-free on the island, joining his friends for a photograph! Mykonos is singled out for its many and dreamy beaches, ideal for every preference, covering every age and taste. Much frequented beaches well-organized with all the comforts, beach bars with loud music and crazed parties in the sand, nudist beaches, cosmopolitan beaches, visited by the famous, but also quieter more isolated, “virgin” ones with no deck-chairs or umbrellas, beaches with all the potentials for sea sports and more “family” ones.

Some of the most known beaches of the island is Ornos (for a family and children and some deck-chairs, which are something else to relax), Psarrou (clearly cosmopolitan, you go there to meet and to be met), Platis Yalos, Aghios Yannis, Kalo Livadi (ideal for families and children, so shallow, the sand is magnificent), Panormos (too free and relaxed), Lia, far enough, though very beautiful and quiet beach, it is chosen by older people and families etc. You should also visit divine in beauty churches like Panaghia Paraportiani, the Town Hall and the castle above the port, the Archaeological, Folklore and Nautical Museum of the island and Ano Mera as well. It is a top destination for clubbing in all the Mediterranean.

Universally, renowned hangouts are “Super Paradise”, Paranga and Paradise! You will not stop dancing! Between the wave and the deck-chair, swimming and coffee, coffee and champagne, champagne drinking and eating, the party starts early non-stop. The beat on the beaches goes up at 16.30, with female dancers and the spectators exalting the fun to the skies. Even the time itself is not the same on the island of the winds as in other places you have visited. It has got its own Mykonian rhythm and it can do whatever it likes. The night becomes day and vice-versa! Finally, Mykonos suggests its own tastes: the peppered and quickly prepared pounding cream, the sweet-smelling Lusa, the savoury sausages, the beloved onion-pie with the grated pastry sheet, the sour cheese and in the first rank its “mug”.

Mykonos is not an island, it is love! The mystery you live in it! A cocktail of feelings, people, passion, thrill, tenseness relaxation! Hearts strongly beating, tightened stomachs, daydreaming for strongly endless hours. Who would not want to be enchanted? You go over and over and over again!

Attention-Translation: Olga Syntrivanis



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