Greek Kouzina

Greek Kouzina

Mama Dina is cooking...

Even the best chefs in the world can learn something from a Greek mum in the kitchen, who can cook and, at the same time, narrate stories interwoven with the food, the tastes, the taste of her life. She keeps saying the food is not something compulsive; it’s love, longing and it is on the table that the story of the Greek family is written. A ceremony, the table from the start to the end.

The kitchen steams, mum gives her assistants orders and she runs as in a battle field in her kitchen. Laughters, songs, disagreements like: “why have you cut the garlic like that, the tomato should be in thinner slices, and so on. Brothers, cousins, they all play a special role, mainly, during the holidays. If you want to catch up with gossiping, the story of our lives, all you have to do is to show up at the Greek table. One thing is for sure: you won’t stay still, mum. Dina will tell you something to do… and you “steal bites” pretending to try.

Her food is always delicious… “Good, I’m thinking I’ll try it myself next time”, but it doesn’t work because I forget her great recipe, which says that cooking is a game, as long as you love it and believe it. It has no secrets, all it needs is desire and imagination! Her tastes, simple, Greek, don’t change, they don’t mix with many ingredients, they remind of the Mediterranean, the sea, the olive, the village garden, stories of a life.

The Greek cuisine means friends, family, laughing, sharing of moments connected with mum’s smell, which gives off a sweet aroma from the kitchen!

Mum Dina will be sharing her Greek most delicious recipes on the Soul of Greece.




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