The colors of Greece

Photographic depiction of Greece per topics.
The Soul of Greece together with Thessaloniki Art and Culture organize photographies per topic for the year 2017, aiming to create selective albums of Greece by all Greeks and the visitors of our country as well. Our aim is to decode and present Greece by thematic units with issues ultimately representative for the country, like the Greek family, its tastes, the friendship, its colours, its doors and windows, the Greeks with their sense of humour and their good moments, portraits, which, definitely reflect the Greek soul.

Photographic topic
The Colors of Greece­­

When we hear the word Greece, we are automatically inundated with pictures and colours. The colours of Greece are vivid, characteristically by region; for example, the islands are connected with the blue and the white, the colours of the Aegean Sea. The Ionian Sea is all about bluemarine, blue-green waters. Zagorochoria, rich vegetation, the blessed olive tree. Yellow-orange, unique sunsets in Greece, full of memories. Yellow, the sun of Greece, the hotness. The islands are white, the snowy mountains and the landscapes.

To record Greece per colour, to create its chromatic puzzle

We are setting off with the blue colour and all of its nuances. Though simultaneously, you can start gathering the colours WHITE, YELLOW, GREEN, RED, PINK and PURPLE along with their hues.

Click on “share” in your photographs, to the social media of the Soul of (visit Thessaloniki Arts and Culture for the “hanging” way).

Insta: Tag us #sofg_colors 

Facebook: Post your photos at the page -The Soul of Greece Photos

The selected photographs will be on in the social media of the Soul of Greece (for all Greece) and of Thessaloniki Arts and Culture (Thessaloniki’s photographs). Moreover, they will be spread in all of our formal websites.

Duration of all the thematic photographies

17-1-2017 έως 7-12-2017

Why participate?

Because: I love Greece

I am a creative person

I like team participations

I am the soul of Greece!!!

At the end of the year and in the beginning of 2018 they will be presented in photographic albums-ebooks.

The photographs taken

Selective albums will be printed in specific quantities and they will be distributed free of charge, as a souvenir of Greece.

Photographic events will take place in various towns of Greece.

What will be needed:

Your creativity

Your love for Greece

Team spirit

Your photographic shoots and your personal features (first and last name, social links and how you wish to be named in your photograph (pseudonym – first and last name etc.) as well as the title of the work, if you prefer.

Conditions of Participation:

Everyone is entitled to participation, independently of age or knowledge on the digital media.

Every participant can send as many photographs he/she wishes for the units. The photographs chosen to make the albums have to be sent in archives of high analysis.

The spiritual rights of the photographs belong to their creators, along with the responsibility for their genuineness. Commercial use and advantage are not expected by the organizers, apart from the promoting needs (printed and electronic); nevertheless, if a photographic sale takes place during the events, there will be relevant formation and approval by the creators themselves.

Time to act!

Τhe Soul of Greece – Thessaloniki Arts and Culture


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