The photographer-traveller
He travels for the pictures, he “takes us away” with his photographs!

What is a photographer-traveller for you
To love travelling and to pursue a great photograph taking is not enough! You need patience to wait for or even to “create” the perfect taking. The picture has to make the viewer think: “I’d like to be there”. The glimpse has to “grasp” something special, to look for rare beauty, landscapes, colours, shapes or even human feelings!

Destinations you’ve already travelled to
Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America

In one word… Greece
Truth. The country, that gave birth to civilization. The Ancient Greeks, wisely, used to say: “nothing secret in the sunlight”. The same stands for the truth, it can’t be hidden; it’s a constant search until the time we speak

A photograph that would “imprint” civilization
The Parthenon, the one and only

A company, a good friend, a silent communication, a sharing of moments… a kind of instant solitude being shared… with people, who haven’t had the chance to be where you are, or even, if they have made the same distance, they have printed it from their own point of view, their own experiences. An exchange of expression, perception and conveyance of images… The messenger of the moments. You speak, you express yourself. That’s how the memory and the recollection are saved.
The moment that passes and vanishes, the moment that is caught.

The official photographer of The Soul of Greece



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