Niki Tabaki

A special as well as a creative person, Niki Tabaki, expresses her opinion and honours the applied arts with her own personal spot

Born in Thessaloniki, Niki Tabaki studied graphistics in the School of Fine Arts in Brussels. She has designed for the Macedonian Museum of the Contemporary Art, the 50th Demetria, the 15th Biennale of the Young, she has taken care of the visual identity of the 5th Biennale and of many expositions for the State Museum of Contemporary Art and the Centre of Contemporary Art. We’ve recently seen the visual communication of the opera of Aida by Giuseppe Verdi for the Music Theatre of Thessaloniki and for many other cultural vehicles and companies.

The perceptive approach of the image, to Niki Tabaki, moves between the recognizable and the abstracted, lending a specially sentimental content, as a common denominator, to her designing. She ascribes the meaning with artistic tactics, giving the viewer a different look, abolishing stereo typed structures in graphistics. Unexpectedly, she draws her inspiration from the least expected objects, and one can meet her in town, when discovering forgotten zincs in printing houses and bookshops, browsing new editions, enjoying printing and fanciful bookbindings.


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