Mata Kamp

Written by an excellent friend and a soul-mate “Maria Lafazani”.

“What makes me admire the expert in plastic arts Mata Kamp, is that she doesn’t limit her work within a context. She gives it dimensions we don’t see, but that we sense with the ‘words’, with which she strengthens it. As a mark, the letter allows the definition of the words that reinforce the Work. As a line it allows the display of her painting style. By playing, she obliterates the contrast word line. To reflect and to say. To look and to read. Thrilling! You know Mata, I’ve already thought of the title of your monography: Mata Kamp. The way the picture and the language in the horizon converge. However, I’ve considered other titles, too. I’d like to write about the shattering of an old-fashioned institution, which you achieve with your work. No, I’m not saying anything else. I’ve said enough.

My own motto. I paint. The light of Greece. The light of Oman. I smile, I reflect, I love, transmit the ‘Soul of Greece’.”

Mata Kamp is a Greek artist of plastic arts, born in 1980 in Thessaloniki. She paints, she designs, she depicts. In the last years, she’s lived in England, Greece and Oman.



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