Good morning!

Before we tell our news, let me simmer my coffee!

What a relish! Pure blend! There are bubbles, as well! I’ll win money, as they say!

No matter how hard we try, there isn’t a day without a coffee in Greece. You can’t continue your day in Greece without coffee; as for the afternoon, just to be lively and have energy.

The coffee for us means personal moments, along with friends or by ourselves. It’s combined with life stories and endless hours of conversing and recollecting. Just like now, that I’m talking with you, sipping, at my coffee. The Greek coffee is part of our tradition, bringing back in our minds our grandfathers in the old traditional coffee houses, the aunts to foretell the fortune in the bottom of a small cup, the coffee-pot on the hot ash, with the coffee boiling and simmering. It’s served after a good meal by our mothers, a symbol in our social events, pleasant and unpleasant… The coffee to comfort, as we’re used to calling it. This doesn’t mean that it’s not the coffee to have a break, for the company to relax.

You also know that the inhabitants of Ikaria live to a ripe old age thanks to the Greek coffee, which they have on a daily basis. After a research, the coffee is said to reduce the possibilities of cardiovascular diseases, something which is attributed to its antioxidants and its polyphenoles. The big question is: how is it drunk in the summer?

The news is good, we’ve come up with something and we suggest you do the same thing: Iced Greek coffee. Yes, you’ve heard correctly. Frio. You boil a double dose, you filter it to rid of the dregs, and you throw 2 or 3 ice-cubes, even milk and sugar, if you want.

Another option is the Greek coffee of mastic, for something cool and delicious! It’s of natural mastic in powder and minute grains. It’s prepared in a coffee pot, just like the Greek coffee (suggested proportion for a double one with average sugar 2,5 teaspoons of mastic coffee and 1,5 teaspoon of sugar).

I have a minute to check my cup’s bottom… to see some of my future… oops! bad news is coming, the time passed, I let it pass! Let us all have a nice day, we’ll meet again on our next coffee date!

Photography by Tzo Lac



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