Life in Greece

Life in Greece


My love for photography started from my childhood age, when my father gifted me a Kiev camera. My “true love” for photography came out with the acquisition of a DSRL camera of digital technology. It was a subconscious need for me the contact with the magical world of photography.

I like taking photos of landscapes, sunsets, places with historical and architectural interest, the streets and portraits. I have a special appreciation for nocturnal photo shooting. Shots taken during the night are more demanding but also, more interesting since the night transforms everything.

The rewards create a feeling of happiness and justification but at the same time they are not the motivation behind of taking a good photo. The harsher judge is myself.

The making of a good photographer is through his/her passion for photography. Passion is the leading cause for maintaining your interest at the highest level, and that leads to more research, both theoretical and technical. Taking a decent photo is not something simple. The “right moment and position” is one of the most important parameters for a good photo.

Instagram is truly the “temple” of photography and I love it for various reasons. It gives you the ability to show your work on a wide crowd, to see photos of various and famous photographers in Greece and abroad, to be taught from them style and technics and last but not least, to creating friendships with special people that both of you are connected with the passion and love for photography.

The coexistence of all of these is not easy, since time is required, which for a freelance, especially a dentist,  is almost nonexistent.

My occupation with the art of photography fills me up as a human being, it gives a substantial meaning to my life. It “feeds” me literally. In addition, through this procedure I am being developed as a person, and strengthen in my profession. I comprehended more the definition of art. I fell in love with the nature, which I learned to observe and respect. The profit from and interactive contact with photography are both catholic. I offer things to it .. and so does it to me


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