Life in Greece

Life in Greece


Photography entered my world just recently, however it is already a very important part of my everyday life that also acts as a means of psychotherapy for me. Despite the fact that I rarely take pictures of landscapes I borrowed a thought made by the great landscape photographer Ansel  Adams to express what photographic art means to me:

“You do not make photography just with a camera; you bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved. “

Every picture is a piece of myself, it is me at that very moment who wants to capture what has crossed my mind by seeing it and make it connect to something I have heard ,seen or felt.
So when I find this particular snapshot, I sometimes add or remove something from the frame and click on it. I can get a hundred seemingly identical photos of a photo frame, but only one will be what I would have expressed in my mind at that moment. I insist until I come up with the desired result, until the eye, mind and heart meet in the same line.

Light and time are its original materials but for me the emotional content is always the most important element in the image, far from any photographic technique. I desire the content of my work to capture the interest and stay in the heart or the memory of the people experiencing it.
If only one more person, apart from me, can find a piece of his or her soul in them, than I will be very happy.


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