Life in Greece

Life in Greece

Calligraphy in the Greek way – Stella Project!

Within the 3 decades, after the 2nd World War and the Civil one, that followed in Greece, that is, the decades of the 50s, 60s and 70s, the country almost destroyed, starts a long way of reconstruction and development. Right that period, there begins a great artistic production in Greece, having to do with calligraphy and letter order on inscriptions, signs, product packages, entries in the press and the time’s magazines, to support the communication of various sectors of the new economic activity.


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The Greek family may have 25 cousins from father to father, but do not even doubt that they do not know each other! The Greek family may not be identical to the heroes of “my Greek fat wedding”, but it has something that differentiates it from the rest families of the world.

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Christos Moudouris

Spring Blossom!

“You should never listen to the flowers. Just see them and smell their aroma”, Antoine de Saint-Exupery wrote in “The Little Prince” envisaging the creation of a world of beauty, harmony and hope.

The story of Christos Moudouris begins from his family flower-shop in Thessaloniki and it gets to the most celebrated flower shops of New York. A success story that introduced us to the enchanting art of flower binding.


I remember spending my hours among the flowers ever since I was a little child! In the afternoons, after school, at the weekends and, mostly, on holidays, I was in the flower-shop, I started by cleaning the flowers, delivering the orders in the neighbourhood and even before I realised it I was found in weddings! Later, I started following seminars and I thought that was what I wanted to do. Today, I work in the flower-shop I grew up. A Greek, classical, family business.

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